Funko’s first Danish foray is a checkered Ternet Ninja Pop! Vinyl

Funko’s European Twitter account revealed what it called the first Funko Pop! Vinyl figure of an original Danish character: Ternet Ninja.

The figure will carry the silver-and-red special edition sticker common for exclusive pieces in Europe and is available to preorder at brick-and-mortar Bog & Ide stores. It may also find its way to the Bog & Ide website. Currently, there’s no announcement of a Ternet Ninja Funko Pop! Vinyl release outside Denmark.

Created by multifaceted entertainer Anders Matthesen, Ternet Ninja—or Checkered Ninja in English speaking countries—is a ninja doll inhabited by the vengeful spirit of an ancient samurai. In the 2018 CG animated film, the titular doll and its human companion, Aske, embark on a vengeance-fueled adventure akin to an American PG-13 comedy. Ternet Ninja won a Robert Award (Denmark’s Oscar equivalent) for best children’s film.

In its home country, Ternet Ninja 2 is scheduled for theatrical release October 7.


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