With great Spidey memes comes great Funko collectibles

Spider-Man meme Funko Pop

If you frequent online spaces, odds are you’ve come across the Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man meme, or one of its many iterations. The image attained such a high level of visibility it inspired a bit in Sony’s Oscar winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film. Apparently, someone at Funko was inspired, too—and our display shelves thank them.

Set to be released this June as an Entertainment Earth exclusive product, Funko’s Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl features identical vinyl bobbleheads of Marvel’s wall crawler, each sporting a pointy pose that mimics the meme. The figure set can be yours for $24.99.

Pre-order: Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man Pop! 2-pack

The double spider image itself is from an episode of the 1960s Spider-Man animated television series. The imposter goes by the name Charles Cameo, a master of disguise who utilizes his skills for criminal gain.


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