Gamers can expect new Pokemon, Shante Pop! Vinyl soon

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Fans of Pokemon may have caught all Funko’s Pop! Vinyl pocket monsters, but today, the toy company nearly doubled its existing collection of Pokemon figures.

Fan favorite fire fox Pokemon Vulpix (top left), the genetically experiment Pokemon Mewtwo, the always in character Pokemon Mr. Mime and the baby form of Pikachu, Pichu, are estimated to hit store shelves this April.

Pichu is the most surprising of the bunch—previously, Funko stuck to the original 151 Pokemon, but Pichu represents the line’s first representation from Pokemon Red/Blue’s Game Boy sequel, Pokemon Gold/Silver. The latter title introduced 100 new creatures, including baby forms of already existing Pokemon.

Mewtwo and Mr. Mime are easy inclusions due to their big appearances in 2019’s Detective Pikachu, while Vulpix is a Pokefan favorite.

Pre-order new Pokemon Pop! Vinyl at Entertainment Earth.

Shante, the main character of American developer WayForward Technologies’ most popular video game franchise, will also be available sometime in April.

Originally released in 2002 for Game Boy Color, Shante is a 2D platformer that also presents light puzzle elements through the use of power-ups. Half-genie Shante acts as guardian of Scuttle Town, a settlement that catches the eye of pirate leader Risky Boots. She and Shante butt heads throughout the series.

The game spawned a number of sequels, including Shante and the Seven Sirens, due for a console release later this year.

Pre-order the Shante Pop! Vinyl at Entertainment Earth.


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