New DBZ Funko Pop! Vinyl sees Goku sit down for a bite

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Funko’s Dragon Ball Z figures usually depict the intensity of the anime series’ action scenes, but Goku is as goofy as he is heroic, and that sort of humor shines through in the toy manufacturer’s newest DBZ Pop! Vinyl.

Pre-order the Amazon exclusive Goku Eating Noodles Funko Pop! Vinyl for $12.99 now.

Slated for release Feb. 29, this Pop! Vinyl shows Goku in his trademark orange-and-blue gi chowing down on a bowl of noodles while hanging out in Heaven—the halo indicates this figure is derived from a moment in DBZ during which our hero is, technically, deceased. Dragon Ball Z features a lot of dying and resurrecting. The halo’s there to help us keep track of things.

Check out Funko’s other DBZ figures at Entertainment Earth.


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