Pop! Myths adds the gnome to its collection at Funko Shop today

The Pop! Myths collection of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures features adorable takes on mythical beasts like Bigfoot, Nessie, Jackalope and Chupacabra. At 2 p.m. ET today, the gnome will join those ranks.

Depicted here with the traditional pointy red had, tattered clothing, long beard and hammer, the gnome is known as a resourceful, hard-working creature. They’re often depicted as miners or protectors of underground treasure, and they’re usually reluctant to interact with other races of humanoid.

Historically, gnomes originated in the works of European storytellers. Their natures are usually dependent on their role in the narrative, but a few mainstay attributes help to identify them—the same ones that help to identify Funko’s new figure.

Purchase a gnome for $15 at Funko’s online pop-up shop for limited collectibles. Orders are limited to one piece each.


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