New Harry Potter, Star Wars Pop! Vinyl announced at London Toy Fair 2020

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Two powerhouse franchises added to their Funko collections with updates announced at London Toy Fair 2020.

In the near future, 13 new Harry Potter items will appear through Funko, including two Pop! Vinyl versions of Harry exclusive to Barnes & Noble and Funko Shop (top left). Other figures include Dumbledore with baby Harry, Harry with invisibility cloak, Neville with book, Hermione with feather, sick Ronald Weasley with bucket and Draco with whip spider on his face.

They’re joined by two 10-inch Pop! Vinyl of Voldemort with Nagini and Dumbledore with Fawkes, as well as a trio of Pocket Pop! Key Chains depicting Snape as Boggart, Hermione with potions and Luna with glasses.

Pre-order new Harry Potter Pop! through Entertainment Earth. Shipping estimates put most of these pieces out in May—the 10-inch figures are due a month earlier.

The Empire Strikes Back’s 40th anniversary is reason to celebrate, and Funko will unleash a collection of new Star Wars Pop! Vinyl in commemoration of the film. Set to ship in April, the new figures include Han Solo in Carbonite, Darth Vader sitting in stasis, Luke riding a Taun Taun, a Han/Leia two-pack, Leia as she appears on Bespin and Luke partaking in Yoda’s Jedi training.

Speaking of Yoda, the Jedi master is receiving yet another Funko Pop! Vinyl treatment, this time alongside the hut he lived in during his exile on Dagobah.

Pre-order Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Pop! Vinyl figures at Entertainment Earth.


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