Funko announcements: new figures from Trolls, Contra, DC

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Three new figures announced by Funko show off the breadth of its catalog of licenses.

A new 10-inch version of the previously announced Rainbow Troll Pop! Vinyl figure is coming this March. Pre-order the super-sized Rainbow Troll Pop! Vinyl at Entertainment Earth for $34.99. The figure features a chase variant, which sees every one-in-six Rainbow Trolls take its name a bit more literally (see above).

The CW’s take on Kid Flash is already available in Pop! Vinyl form, but a design that adheres closer to Wally West’s comic book costume is on its way as a Hot Topic exclusive. This figure will come in a glow-in-the-dark chase variant.

Lance (left) and Bill star in Contra, a 1987 run-and-gun 2D platformer released in arcades and on Nintendo Entertainment System. The title is considered a classic and praised for its fluid, hard-as-nails gameplay, making Pop! Vinyls based on the game’s player-characters a surprising yet welcome announcement. Pre-order Contra’s Lance and Bill from Entertainment Earth for $10.99. They’re scheduled for an April release.


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