Octahedron physical release hits Switch through Super Rare Games

Last week, Super Rare Games’ Twitter account announced plans to release physical copies of 2018 puzzle/platformer Octahedron on Nintendo Switch.

Only 4,000 copies will be available, and each comes with reversible cover art, a trading card pack and a Super Rare sticker themed after the title. Sales begin 1 p.m. ET Jan. 30 at Super Rare’s website, and copies will cost approximately $32.49 (Super Rare is London-based and prices fluctuate with exchange rates).

Switch consoles are region-free, so any game manufactured for the system can play on any Switch. This title includes language options for English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Japanese.

Upon release, Octahedron received critical praise for its soundtrack, art style and platform-creating gameplay. Its difficulty spikes turned off some reviewers, but this physical release includes an optional easy mode that dulls those spiky peaks. The release also includes new time trial medals, challenges and post-game content.

Octahedron was developed by Demimonde Games, a one-person studio.

In other Super Rare news, the publisher recently announced plans to release 18 titles this year, an increase from the usual 12. Octahedron is its second 2020 gameā€”its first release of the year, Smoke and Sacrifice, is still available via Super Rare’s webstore.


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