Kentucky Route Zero physical release, vinyl soundtrack coming through iam8bit

Today, iam8bit launched pre-orders for surrealist narrative adventure game Kentucky Route Zero on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The abrupt announcement came alongside a phone hotline that connects callers with the Department of the Real. The hotline will be updated, so iam8bit’s email newsletter announcement encouraged future phone calls.

The Los Angeles-based production company’s Twitter account has teased a KRZ-related project through retweets, and today, pre-orders were launched through iam8bit’s online storefront. Switch copies of the game are $34.99, PS4 copies are $29.99, a 2-LP vinyl soundtrack is $39.99 and a 1-LP “mystery” vinyl is $29.99. Artwork will be revealed at a later date, and no date was given for pre-order cutoffs.

Kentucky Route Zero is an episodic title that tasks the player with delivering a package—a task that’s almost immediately rendered deceptively difficult. Today, its final episode premiered on PC and the title’s console ports were launched on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Our Take

After 7 years, Kentucky Route Zero has finally come to an end—and reviewers are being extremely kind to the finale. If you’re a fan of games as art, this one is a must-own for your Switch or PS4.


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