A Hat in Time soundtrack comes to vinyl

The 2017 3D platformer A Hat in Time drew comparisons to Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie upon release for its gameplay and whimsical soundtrack. Now, Yetee Records and Black Screen Records are bringing two vinyl variants of the game’s tunes to market as a vinyl LP OST.

Available on yellow-and-black splatter through Black Screen Records for approximately $30 USD or purple-and-black swirl through Yetee Records for $25, A Hat In Time’s vinyl soundtrack release includes 13 songs from the game in a package featuring artwork by Jenna Brown. Yetee Records’ variant is limited to 500 copies, while an amount wasn’t specified for BSR’s variant.

To try before you buy, visit the link above to Yetee Records, where you’ll find an embedded player.

Copies are expected to ship sometime between April and June.


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