New Funko product Vinyl SODA debuts at London Toy Fair

On Jan. 21, Funko announced a new series of products called Vinyl SODA. The name is inspired by the stylized soda can packaging and the vinyl figure housed within—no, this product won’t include any drinkable soda, or pop as we say around my parts.

However, the figure housed within is one of a finite number of pieces and may be a chase variant, since a chase exists for every announced Vinyl SODA so far.

Figures coming from animation company Hanna-Barbera include Fred Flintstone (/7,500), Barney Rubble (/7,500), Peter Potamus (/6,000), Huckleberry Hound (/6,000), Jabberjaw (/6,000) and Grape Ape (/6,000).

Other announced Vinyl SODA figures include Green Hornet and Kato (both /6,000), Crusader Rabbit (info coming soon), Count Chocula and Franken Berry (both /7,500), Big Boy (/7,500), Lion-O and Mumm-Ra (/7,500) and Batfink (/5,000).

DC and Masters of the Universe Vinyl SODA figures were also announced.

We’ll report pricing and availability as it becomes available.

Our Take

When it comes to Funko, anything not Pop! Vinyl has varying levels of success. The Dorbz, Rock Candy, 5 Star and vynl lines all feature different artistic takes on established characters, but the Vinyl SODA line presents two collectibles in one with a sure chance to pull a chase out of the mystery can. Couple that with the retro pop art character designs and Funko may have another winner on its hands.


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