Bill Nye, Edgar Allan Poe Pop! Vinyl figures coming soon

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Edgar Allan Poe and Bill Nye are known for influential accomplishments in their respective fields. Each brought their passions into pop culture and made the ideas of poetry and science more accessible to the common person. Now, each is brought to tiny vinyl life as tiny vinyl figures by Funko.

Edgar Allan Poe with skull accessory is available to pre-order now through Entertainment Earth for $10.99. Poe released his first book of poems before he was 20. In 1845, The Raven was published and gained sizeable popularity, but he was paid less than $9 for the poem—the modern equivalent of a little less than $300. Poe passed in 1849 in Baltimore, but his works gained his posthumous fame.

Bill Nye’s second Funko Pop! Vinyl figure depicts Nye, a staunch climate change advocate, holding our definitely round planet, Earth. At the time of this writing the new Nye isn’t available online, but Nye’s first Funko figure is still in stock at Entertainment Earth.

Nye spent time as a mechanical engineer before the 1993 debut of Bill Nye the Science Guy. The series ran for 100 episodes.


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