Limited Run distributes Streets of Red for Switch, PS4

At noon today, Limited Run Games will begin selling copies of horror-themed beat ’em up Streets of Red on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. The release is part of Limited Run’s expanded distribution efforts and not a numbered, in-house LRG title.

Originally released in April 2018, Streets of Red channels quarter-eating arcade beat ’em ups like Final Fight and wraps the experience in a pop culture-inspired 2D horror aesthetic. In reviews, critics praised the game’s combat and upgrade system.

Standard editions of the title will be available at $34.99. The PS4 release is an open pre-order, while Switch copies are limited to 3,650.

Colllector’s editions are $64.99 and come with special NES-era packaging, special cover art, poster, soundtrack, booklet and a replica NES cart. Switch collector’s edition copies are limited to 1,350, while 950 PS4 collector’s editions are available.


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