Funko’s DC and Marvel London Toy Fair announcements

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Yesterday, Funko announced a number of figures inspired by Batman movie villains, including one chase variant depicting jack Nicholson’s turn as Joker in the 1989 film.

The Pop! Vinyl figure of Nicholson’s Joker shows the character in his fancy duds, while the chase has smudged face paint and a droopy purple cap. The odds of receiving a chase variant are approximately one-in-six.

Heath Ledger tackled the Joker role in 2008’s The Dark Knight, one of the first superhero films to receive its own line of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. A new 10-inch Pop! Vinyl will recreate the Joker figure from that set on a massive scale.

Three years after Batman 1989 brought a darker Dark Knight to the big screen, Tim Burton followed it up with Batman Returns. Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer served as the film’s antagonists—Penguin and Catwoman, respectively—and each fantastical rogue is getting their own Pop! Vinyl.

1995’s Batman Forever brought us the timeless ballad Kiss From A Rose, along with two fantastical felons in Jim Carrey’s Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face. Both personalities caused a tonal shift away from the dark and brooding Gotham of Batman Returns.

Batman & Robin released in 1997 and continued its predecessor’s tone with Batman nemeses Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman. Freeze is available everywhere, but Thurman’s Poison Ivy is a Funko Specialty Series release. Specialty Series pieces are available to small shops that stock Funko products, like local comic book stores.

Lastly, a Pop! Vinyl of Harley Quinn in a nightie will be available at Hot Topic. The character, originally created for the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series, has officially entered the comic character’s canon and will be featured in the upcoming film Birds of Prey.

Every figure above is scheduled for a May release except Heath Ledger’s Joker, which is scheduled for April, and Harley Quinn, which doesn’t have a prospective release date.

Funko will launch a new series of products later this year called Vinyl SODA. Each product includes the can, a figure and a collectible disc. Batman and Wonder Woman are limited to 10,000 pieces each, while Robin is limited to 7,500 pieces. Each is available as a chase, with the one-in-six rule also applying to Vinyl SODA.

Funko’s Marvel releases covered the previously announced Black Widow Pop! Vinyl figures, along with new X-Men pieces depicting two fan favorite characters from the ’90s.

Gambit and Rogue will (finally) join the X-Men series as two common figures, as well as a Hot Topic exclusive Rogue in-flight and an Entertainment Earth exclusive Gambit that glows in the dark. The Gambit and Rogue figures will release later this year.


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