Final A Day With Pikachu figure available now

The final piece in Funko’s monthly series of Pikachu vinyl figures is available to order.

Fans can visit Pokemon Center’s website to order Surprising Weather Ahead, the last entry in the A Day With Pikachu series. The figure depicts a Pikachu shocked to find that a Diglett has popped up alongside it. The snow-covered base is dotted with green trees, hinting at an oncoming change in weather.

Surprising Weather Ahead is $14.99 and Pokemon Center imposes a limit of four figures per order. The site lists every other A Day With Pikachu figure as sold out, so interested parties should order as soon as possible.

In the past, GameStop has carried a limited stock of some A Day With Pikachu figures. Check your local store for availability.

Funko’s other collaborations with The Pokemon Company include a collection of accessories under the Loungefly brand and a continuing series of Pop! Vinyl figures.

Our Take

This figure is a fitting end to Funko’s artistic takes on themed Pikachu pieces. It may spell the end of A Day With Pikachu, but I’m confident another series will pop up in its place.


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