Eevee (finally) becomes a Funko Pop! Vinyl

Eevee may be No. 133 in the Pokedex, but it’s No. 1 in the hearts of so many Pokemon fans it was given a starring role alongside Pikachu in the franchise’s 2018 Nintendo Switch debut. Now, the evolution Pokemon is joining Funko’s collection of Pocket Monsters Pop! Vinyl.

Entertainment Earth is currently accepting pre-orders for Funko’s Eevee Pop! Vinyl at $10.99 each. Figures are expected to ship in June 2020, but Funko’s Pokemon figures are traditionally available well before the estimated date.

Eevee’s latest video game appearance came last week with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Our Take

Funko, please don’t offer an Eeveelution Pop! Vinyl 8-pack. That’d be a terrible idea and I definitely wouldn’t run out and buy it immediately. Nope.


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