New Disney Pop! Vinyl figures include Mulan, DIY pieces

Disney’s live action Mulan remake is only months away, which means it’s time for Funko figures based on the property to hit store shelves.

The series includes a 10-inch Pop! Vinyl of Mushu and Cricket, a Pop! Ride of Mulan on her trusty steed Kahn, and three Pop! Vinyl figures of Mulan as Ping, Mushu with a gong and Li Shang. Entertainment Earth is currently accepting pre-orders for all figures.

Mulan opens in US theaters March 27, 2020, and tells the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to join the Chinese army and satisfy a service requirement in place of her father. The story is based on the Chinese folk tale Hua Mulan.

In addition to the already painted pieces seen above, Funko is releasing a trio of blank white Pop! Vinyl based on Disney characters. These Pop! DIY figures include Disney characters Dumbo, Bo Peep (Toy Story) and Simba (The Lion King). They come ready to paint.


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