ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove’s funky soundtrack gets vinyl, cassette repress

In March, HumanNature Studios released the long-awaited fourth entry in the ToeJam & Earl video game franchise. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove was all about refinement—the game took the 1991 Sega Genesis original and added a shiny new coat of paint to every element, including an already funky soundtrack.

The first vinyl pressing of that soundtrack sold out not long after BitG’s release, but Enjoy the Ride Records and HumanNature have teamed up to bring the release back to shelves.

Each release is a 2-LP gatefold vinyl, with side D featuring an etching. Six different variants will be in circulation, with three available via Enjoy the Ride’s webstore for $34.99 each.

Gray with yellow etching (/150), pink with blue and green splatter and yellow with blue and pink splatter (/200) are exclusive to Enjoy the Ride, while neon yellow is the title’s retail variant. Retailer exclusives include FYE’s neon pink pressing (/300), HumanNature Studios exclusive half-and-half based on the game’s four main characters (/150) and an orange-and-red swirl based on the titular alien duo (/250) that’s exclusive to Bull Moose Records and Zia.

Test pressings are also up for grabs, and come with both Enjoy the Ride exclusive variants for $149.99. Only 24 of these bundles will be sold.

Cassettes of the soundtrack will be available, too. Genesis black and Mega Drive blue inspired colors are available, and only 100 of each are available.

Enjoy the Ride will launch orders at noon ET Friday, Nov. 15.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove received favorable reviews upon release. It’s available via digital retailers and physically at Best Buy.


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