Funko Shop’s latest limited exclusive honors veterans

This Veterans Day, Funko is releasing a limited edition collectible that proclaims support for both their brand and US vets.

Sales begin 2 p.m. ET Nov. 11, at Funko’s online pop-up shop for special releases.

Funko also announced a $10,000 donation to Wounded Warriors Project, a non-profit corporation founded in 2003 that focuses its efforts on wounded military veterans.

This green-and-tan tee features Funko’s logo on the front with the phrase, “supports veterans,” written under the company’s wordmark. The left sleeve is adorned with the US flag, while the back graphic displays the flag vertically with the phrase, “support our veterans,” hovering above the stars and stripes.

Colors on this tee are classic shades for army-related gear, and the overall design invokes vet-friendly lifestyle clothing brands that have seen a recent surge in popularity.

Orders are limited to one shirt each.

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