Limited Run Games gets spooky on Oct. 25 with Costume Quest 2, more

On Oct. 25, gamers can grab two new titles from physical media publisher Limited Run Games.

Launching for PlayStation 4, Costume Quest 2 is a lighthearted role-playing title that gives players control of kids on a mission to save Halloween. During their quest, they’ll equip different abilities via the game’s many Halloween costumes.

Only 2,000 copies of the game will be available during two timed sales periods at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET. The title will retail for $24.99.

An even smaller amount of limited deluxe edition Costume Quest 2 bundles will launch alongside the base version. This edition is $54.99 and includes a poster, soundtrack CD and enamel pin of despicable dentist Dr. Orel White.

Originally released in 2014, Costume Quest 2 garnered positive reviews for its fun combat and engaging writing.

Battle Princess Madelyn, a side-scrolling action/adventure title starring a princess who’s also a knight who’s also her kingdom’s last hope against evil, will receive limited runs on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The PS4 version is $24.99 and is limited to 1,200 copies available across two drops at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET Oct. 25.

The Switch release is a $34.99 two-week open pre-order and is a different version of the game than both the PS4 physical release and what’s currently available through digital retailers.

Developer Chris Obritsch explained the differences through a blog post at Limited Run’s website. Battle Princess Madelyn Royal Edition includes an aspect ratio change, alterations to in-game dialogue in an effort to provide an arcade-like pacing and tweaks to enemies.

The initial release of Battle Princess Madelyn drew mixed reactions from critics. Their consensus said the title channeled retro action/adventure gameplay well—both its strengths and its faults. The Royal Edition is a new version of the game that hasn’t reached critics.


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