Where’s Waldo? You get to choose with this new Funko Pop! Vinyl

Where’s Waldo? He’s on your shelf, he’s on your desk, he’s anywhere you want him to be with Funko’s new Where’s Waldo? Pop! Vinyl.

Waldo comes from the Where’s Waldo? series of puzzle books, which tasks young children with finding the titular character in large landscape illustrations. Waldo travels across time and spaceā€”and often finds himself near doppelgangers who make it even harder to pinpoint the real Waldo’s whereabouts.

The first book was published in 1987 in England under the title “Where’s Wally?” Waldo is the character’s moniker in United States and Canada, while other countries localize Wally as Walter (in Germany) and Charlie (in France).

The Waldo Funko Pop! Vinyl may become as elusive as the character, so pre-order through Entertainment Earth to guarantee one around its February 2020 release date.


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