Transform the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with this crossover toy

Who ya gonna call? Apparently, something that’s more than meets the eye.

Due for release next January, this mash-up toy brings the chariot that Ghostbusters ride valiantly into paranormal battle, Ecto-1, into the Transformers universe. No word on if this new creation, dubbed Ectotron, is an Autobot or Decepticon—all we know right now is Ecto-1 has been touched by the AllSpark, and that’s created an amazingly cool collectible.

This figure commemorates the 35th anniversary of both franchises’ 1984 debuts.

The Transformers Generations Ectotron action figure is available through Entertainment Earth for $39.99 and includes the transforming car/robot figure, a mini Slimer figure, two accessories (the blaster is pictured) and transforming instructions. It’s scheduled to ship early next year.


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