Black Mirror characters come to Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line

The Twilight Zone of tech, Black Mirror, is the latest Netflix property to be mined by Funko’s expert collectible excavators.

Leading the charge are Kelly and Yorkie (top left), the two main characters of Black Mirror’s Emmy-winning episode San Junipero. It premiered in 2016 as part of Black Mirror’s third series.

Robert Daly (top right) and Nanette Cole (bottom middle) from the fourth series premiere, USS Callister, are also included in the set. As inferred by these Pop! Vinyl figures’ costumes, the episode features copious references to Star Trek.

Ashley Too (bottom left) and a chase variant (bottom right) round out the set. Ashley Too is a doll that appears in the newest Black Mirror series, released this June. The doll is based on a pop star character played by Miley Cyrus. One-out-of-six Ashley Too figures will be a chase variant.

Entertainment Earth is accepting pre-orders for Black Mirror Pop! Vinyl now. Each figure is $10.99 and is projected to ship in January 2020.


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