Zavvi’s Joker-inspired clothing collection is available for one week

Look good, do crimes. That’s always been the motto of Batman’s most prevalent villain, Joker, whose duality with The Dark Knight extends to both character’s affinity for elaborate costume.

Zavvi is capturing the Clown Prince of Crime’s fashion sense and combining it with modern streetwear for what they’re calling the Heist Collection, available for one week only at

The collection consists of eight tops that feature minimalist designs based on classic Joker catchphrases and comic panels. Prices range from $20 to $35.

In addition to clothing, the Heist Collection includes a box of Joker-themed collectibles. The set is imited to 500 boxes and comes with a coin, enamel pin and four art cards. Boxes are $40. Lastly, Giclee prints of the iconic cover for The Killing Joke start at $13.99.

If Joker doesn’t entertain you, check out Zavvi’s exclusive Jurassic Park and Zelda items.

Our Take

I love how easy it is to practice fashionable fandom, and Zavvi certainly does its part to make that possible. The Heist Collection is another win for the pop culture retailer.


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