Super Rare brings physical copies of Evoland to Nintendo Switch

The latest release to join Super Rare Games’ series of small batch Nintendo Switch releases is Evoland: Legendary Edition, a collection that includes Evoland and Evoland 2.

Both Evoland and its sequel are homages to the action and RPG genres, with 2013’s Evoland drawing heavily from early Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda titles, while 2015’s Evoland 2 is less selective with its sources. Critical consensus pegs Evoland as a cleaner, meatier package than its serviceable yet derivative predecessor.

Super Rare will launch pre-orders of Evoland: Legendary Edition at its online storefront at 1 p.m. ET Oct. 10, with 5,000 copies up for grabs. The exchange rate puts the price at approximately $30.55 USD, which includes both games complete on cart, interior art, three trading cards and a color manual. The title will also include a themed Super Rare sticker.

Fans of the London-based boutique game publisher’s last title, The Darkside Detective, can grab that release, Evoland: Legendary Edition and the soon-to-be-announced November release for $91.64 USD. This triple pack allows customers to save on shipping costs, but its an extremely limited offer. As of this writing, only 25 percent of the available triple packs remain.

All Super Rare releases (and all Switch releases) are region free and play on any Switch.


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