Fan designed Funko Pop! figure available Oct. 9

Earlier this year, Funko launched a contest asking fans to design the next character for its proprietary Fantastik Plastik collection. Today, that character makes its Funko Shop debut!

Designed by Florida resident Tanner Hedges (give him props for his design on Twitter @Pop Fanboy), Bat Boy embodies the pun-inspired nature of a Fantastik Plastik figure, fitting in alongside characters like Fin Du Chomp and Rocko Billy. Bat Boy was announced in July during San Diego Comic Con.

Starting at 2 p.m. ET Oct. 9, collectors can purchase a Bat Boy Fantastik Plastik Funko Pop! Vinyl figure via the toymaker’s online destination for limited edition pieces, Funko Shop. Orders are limited to one piece each.

Our Take

Growing up, I’d browse newsstands while my parents did the grocery shopping. For some strange reason, Weekly World News’ Bat Boy stories always grabbed my attention with their absurd photographs and farcical journalistic accounts of the half-boy, half-bat looking to find his way in this cruel world.

Maybe Hedges’ take on that alliterate phrase isn’t at all inspired by those gripping articles, but I’m a fan of the way his Bat Boy also seems to draw from both the wholesome and pulpy parts of pop culture to create something truly unique. That’s what cements Bat Boy as a true Fantastik Plastik character—and now, my favorite of them all.


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