Fan favorite X-Men member Gambit comes to Mezco’s One:12 figure line

X-Men fans who grew up with the Fox animated series are familiar with card-flinging Cajun Gambit, but for those unfamiliar, this mutant’s powers include the ability to make objects into exploding projectiles, flip around like an Olympic gymnast and become an awesome One:12 action figure from Mezco Toyz.

Scheduled to ship sometime next summer, Mezco’s One:12 Gambit figure is available to pre-order now from Entertainment Earth. The figure comes with over 10 interchangeable options for display, including a different head, three pairs of hands, his signature bo staff and a number of charged cards.

Gambit isn’t the only X-Men character joining Mezco Toyz’ One:12 collection. Last week, Magneto was announced for a One:12 release coming early next year.


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