Death Stranding PS4 Pro, The Last of Us Pt. II special editions available now

This generation of consoles is winding down, but PlayStation 4 refuses to go quietly into technological inferiority. A pair of blockbuster titles sit just on the horizon, ready to give PS4 its final push before the presumable launch of its successor. Up first is the newest release from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding.

Set for release Nov. 8, Death Stranding is an action game that explores humanity, specifically the meaning in making connections. Players take on the role of Sam, depicted by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), as he attempts to reconnect isolated pockets of population.

The special edition of Death Stranding can be pre-ordered through Amazon for $69.99 and includes a SteelBook case, along with in-game items.

On Nov. 8, a special edition Death Stranding themed 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro will also release for $399.99. The bundle includes a physical copy of the game.

The white-and-black console echoes the game’s theme of human communication with stylized handprints, while the translucent yellow DualShock 4 controller is based on a peculiar item main character Sam carries around with him. It’s called a BB pod, and houses an infant in a yellowish fluid. Game Director Hideo Kojima said the baby inside the BB will make sounds via DualShock 4’s integrated speaker.

The collector’s edition of Death Stranding is currently sold out, but includes a SteelBook, in-game digital content, a digital soundtrack, a digital making of video, a keychain of Kojima Productions’ mascot, a replica BB Pod and a cargo case.

PlayStation 4’s second big exclusive hits early next year, but fans have waited nearly the entire console generation for its release. The sequel to award-winning post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us is coming Feb. 21, 2020.

The Last of Us Part II’s special edition is available now at Amazon and includes a SteelBook case, art book published by Dark Horse Comics and digital items including a PS4 theme.

The Last of Us Part II Collector’s Edition includes everything found in the special edition, plus a statue of main character Ellie, Ellie’s bracelet, an art print, a set of stickers and a set of enamel pins.

The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition includes everything found in the previous editions, plus a 7-inch vinyl soundtrack record, game logo patch and replica of Ellie’s in-game backpack.

The Last of Us Part II picks up Ellie’s story years after the end of The Last of Us. She’s living in a peaceful human settlement and enjoying a peaceful human life, but as stories go, she’ll soon find herself pulled back into a dangerous post-virus northwestern wilderness full of ruthless humans and former humans looking to end her time in the perilous world.

In addition to these two high profile titles, PS4 gamers can look forward to the early 2020 release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


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