Pre-orders for Sayonara, Darkside Detective, more now open

This week is full of physical game pre-orders, with no less than five companies putting titles up for gamers to ponder and purchase. All editions are limited, so get them while you can.

Downwell from Special Reserve and developer Moppin can be pre-ordered now for shipment in October. Copies for PlayStation 4 are limited to 2,500 units and retail for $24.99, while copies for Nintendo Switch are limited to 5,000, cost $29.99 and include a Flip Grip. Fangamer’s Flip Grip allows gamers to turn their Switch on its side and take advantage of titles that feature a vertical display option.

Downwell is one of those titles, and it tasks players with overcoming vertically scrolling obstacles and action. The minimalist art style and simple to learn, hard to master gameplay was a hit with critics, and the procedurally-generated levels make Downwell infinitely replayable.

Physical editions include an instruction booklet and stickers.

Super Rare Games will ship physical copies of The Darkside Detective Sept. 26. Pre-orders are available now for approximately $32 (Super Rare is based in London and prices change with dollar value) and copies are limited to 5,000 units. Each includes a manual, a sticker and trading cards.

The Darkside Detective is a point-and-click adventure game by developer Spooky Doorway. it’s story involves the investigation of spooky incidents in a small city.

This week, Sayonara Wild Hearts released digitally on modern consoles, and iam8bit is celebrating the launch with a physical edition pre-order for Switch and PS4.

Copies are limited to 5,000 per console and come with an embroidered patch.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is marketed as a pop album made into a video game, and critics have tended to agree with that summation. The music-driven game by Swedish developer Simogo is also receiving a vinyl soundtrack pressing through iam8bit. All three can be pre-ordered here.

Xeodrifter, the space shooter Metroidvania by Renegade Kid (Mutant Mudds), is available through French publisher Red Art Games. The pressing run is only 2,800 copies, and each retails for approximately $32. Each includes an outer cover.


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