Spyro Funko Pop and Pez swooping in soon

Spyro is back, but instead of hot fire, he’s spewing Pez.

The Funko Pop! Pez of Spyro, along with three new Spyro Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, can be pre-ordered now through Entertainment Earth. Each is scheduled for release in November.

GameStop will carry an exclusive metallic version of Spyro’s Pop! Pez (left).

The trio of new Spyro Pop! Vinyl figures is made up of the titular dragon, along with enemies Ripto and Gnasty.

Spyro debuted on PlayStation consoles in 1998’s Spyro the Dragon, a 3D platformer set in a comedic fantasy world. The title spawned numerous sequels and Spyro remains synonymous with gaming’s early 3D era. The original PlayStation trilogy of Spyro games were remastered and re-released on modern consoles as Spyro Trilogy Reignited.


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