More Batman 80 Years Pop Vinyl announced, includes Hot Topic exclusive

More of DC’s many comic book variations of the Dark Knight are making their way to the tangible world as Funko Pop! Vinyl.

Red Son Batman (left) is based on a comic mini-series that moves DC character’s origin stories from the United States to Soviet Russia. Bat-Mite (right) is a magical trickster whose efforts to impress his idol only end in Batman’s frustration.

Red Son Batman and Bat-Mite are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. They’re $10.99 each and should ship in December.

The Merciless (middle) is an alternate reality Batman who, after donning Aries’ helmet, desires only to fight. With his God Killer sword in hand, this bad Bruce Wayne joins other bad Batmen from around DC’s Multiverse in an effort to plunge every reality into a complicit darkness.

Bruce Wayne as The Merciless is a Hot Topic exclusive figure. Other upcoming Hot Topic exclusives were revealed yesterday and include figures from a number of franchises.

Snake eyes Jack Skellington, Power scanner crushing Vegeta, Zim with Grr, SSGSS Goku and cowboy Marty McFly will all hit Hot Topic stores and soon. They were revealed last night during HT Nerdette’s live stream.


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