Funko’s New York Comic-Con 2019 exclusives revealed

UPDATE: Funko has released this handy guide to shared NYCC exclusives. Items will be available Friday, Oct. 4.

Check out a detailed guide to Funko’s NYCC offerings in the original article below.

Funko’s New York Comic Con 2019 exclusives are numerous and cover a wide range of fandoms. From the NYPD Freddy Funko Pop! Vinyl pictured above to the long list of figures that follow, odds are good that something with catch your eye.

This Freddy Funko vinyl figure features a look inspired by contemporary artist Ron English. Considering English’s work draws from advertising art and commercial imagery, Funko is the perfect company for the artist to partner with.

PEZ classic ad campaign characters Mimic the Monkey and PEZ Girl will join Funko’s growing roster of PEZ-related merchandise as NYCC 2019 exclusives.

Say hello to Hello Kitty as Lady Liberty for Sanrio’s NYCC 2019 exclusive.

Originally announced as a Books-A-Million exclusive, Edgar Allen Poe has been announced for NYCC 2019.

Disney/Pixar offerings include Firefighter Donald, Matterhorn Mickey, Up’s Kevin with house and Toy Story’s Benson.

Funko’s Marvel NYCC 2019 exclusives include Stan Lee as he appeared during his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo, A Phoenix Pop! Vinyl and Pop! Tee set and Tony Stark wielding the Infinity Stones in the Iron Gauntlet.

A Nick Fury Pop! Vinyl inspired by the S.H.I.E.L.D. director’s comic book look is also coming to the convention, along with Pop! Vinyl figures for Captain Mar-Vell and Ms. Marvel. These three figures are part of the Marvel 80 Years collection.

During NYCC 2019, Funko’s 5 Star Figures line will expand to include Scott Pilgrim vs. The World characters Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and Knives Chau.

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (left) was a Brooklyn native and first garnered attention in the ’70s with his Lower East Side street art. In the ’80s, his art traveled from the streets of New York City to international galleries. In 1988, Basquiat passed away. He was 27.

Keith Haring (middle) was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1958. He was a contemporary of Basquiat’s and first gained attention from his work inside New York City subways. In 1990, he passed away at age 31. His work is currently exhibited around the world, including pieces at Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Art Institute of Chicago and Nakamura Keith Haring Collection in Japan.

Debbie Harry (right) provided vocals for popular new wave band Blondie and, following the group’s success, ventured out into fruitful solo and film careers.

New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth and New York Comic Con pigeons bring some Big Apple attitude to Funko’s NYCC collectibles collection.

Along with Marvel Comics characters, Funko’s NYCC 2019 offerings also include a two-pack of The Green Hornet and Kato, a chrome purple Batman Pop! Vinyl that celebrates the caped crusader’s 80 years, and a Pop! Vinyl of DC Comics character and Birds of Prey member Huntress.

NYCC 2019 Funko film exclusives include 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Dr. Frank Poole (top left), Dune’s Feyd Rautha, Back to the Future’s Marty McFly, a Bluntman and Chronic (Silent Bob and Jay) two-pack, a killer clown from the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and 6-inch Madame Maxine and Filch with his cat, Mrs. Norris.

Funko has also added a Pop! Vinyl figure of a Baseball Furies gang member from the 1979 film The Warriors. The gang was one of many colorful, themed groups of thugs the main characters encounter on their odyssey from The Bronx to Coney Island.

Funko’s television and animation collectibles coming to NYCC 2019 include Britta from the show Community (top left), Game of Thrones’ Missandei, Doctor Who villain Tzim Sha, Clyde and Pat Pending from Wacky Races, H.R. Pufnstuf’s Cling, Witchiepoo and Clang, and Dabi and Hero Killer Stain from anime My Hero Academia.

On Sept. 6, Funko announced more television and animation exclusives, including Avatar character Cabbage Man with his cabbage cart, Daria from Daria, two mystery Rick and Morty characters, Stranger Things’ Suzie, and a two-pack of the demon Aku and Samurai Jack. Finally, The Office’s Dwight is armed with a Dwight bobble head for his NYCC 2019 Pop! Vinyl exclusive.

The convention’s Dragon Ball Z exclusives include energy blast Vegeta and meditating Piccolo.

The Simpsons convention exclusives are based on the show’s long-running Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. Vampire Mr. Burns and a Freddy Kreuger-inspired Groundskeeper Willie join the already interesting Treehouse of Horrors Funko Pop! series.

Glow-in-the-dark Dark Voyager from the battle royale sensation Fortnite, Butt Stallion from the loot ’em up Borderlands and Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball make up NYCC 2019’s gaming offerings.

Our Take

Yet another large convention selection from our friends at Funko. Anything strike your collector’s fancy? Let us know in the comments below.


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