This Funko Pop! Vinyl is dangerously cheesy

In 1948, Fritos inventor Charles Doolin developed the Cheetos snack and became responsible for the millions of cheesy finger-shaped stains that’d dot schoolchildren’s clothing for decades to come. Now, Funko and Frito-Lay have teamed up to offer fans of the snack a collectible that immortalizes the Cheetos mascot.

Chester Cheetah’s Funko Pop! Vinyl can be pre-ordered now through Entertainment Earth for $10.99, and the figure has a ship date of December. Chester is a product of ’80s marketing, but the dangerously cool cat hit his stride in the ’90s with the tagline, “Dangerously cheesy.” He still appears across Cheetos art and advertisements with his velvet voice, slick shades and huge high top shoes.

Our Take

We hope this means Funko and Frito-Lay owner Pepsi have established a working relationship and we can get the Pop! Vinyl we never thought possible: Pepsi Man!


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