Funko-Shop Monkey Assassin Pop! Vinyl available later today

There’s no use begging for your life—unless you can speak monkey. Or American Sign Language. Some primates can understand American Sign Language, and Assassin Monkey would need some sort of base understanding so he could understand and accept contracts, right?

At any rate, Funko will add another figure to its Fantastik Plastik Pop! Vinyl line at 2 p.m. ET Sept. 4. The figure will be available at Funko’s online pop-up shop, Funko-Shop. Pieces will be limited to a set amount per order.

Fantastik Plastik Funko Pop! Vinyl showcase original creations that draw inspiration from Funko’s history of character-driven collectibles. This bloodstained Assassin Monkey is a variant of the character. He may also be purchased here with a stainless blue suit.


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