Umbrella Academy Funko Pop! Vinyl series includes two chase figures

The Umbrella Academy’s early 2019 Netflix debut was a runaway hit, and with season two on the horizon and hardcover reprints of the show’s comic book source material incoming, Funko has decided to strike while the vinyl is hot and bring fans a large selection of Umbrella Academy figures.

The announcement includes over 10 different figures, with two chase variants and a retail exclusive thrown in to give triple the headache to would-be completionists.

Figures include (from top left) Luther Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Klaus Hargreeves, Number Five with masked chase variant, Vanya Hargreeves with sound wave manipulation chase variant, Ben Hargreeves with glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic exclusive variant, Cha Cha with mask, Diego Hargreeves, Hazel with mask and Pogo.

Every figure shown except the Hot Topic retail exclusive of Ben can be pre-ordered now. Entertainment Earth has The Umbrella Academy Funko Pop! Vinyl figures available for pre-order and ready to ship in January 2020. Chase variants appear at a rate of one-in-six figures.

The Umbrella Academy first hit comic store shelves in 2007. As of May, its Netflix adaptation had garnered 45 million views.


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