Gandalf and Gwaihir join Funko’s Lord of the Rings collection

The fellowship didn’t defeat Sauron alone—the brave souls who pushed back against Middle-Earth’s dark found timely help from various sources, including the eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Funko’s latest Lord of the Rings-inspired Pop! Vinyl figure pays tribute to one of those eagles, Gwaihir, seen here ferrying Gandalf across the sky.

Entertainment Earth has the Gandalf and Gwaihir Pop! Vinyl available for $29.99, with pieces set to fly out in December.

This figure is based on the appearance of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. That series, its The Hobbit prequel films and the source material its derived from can be purchased in digital and physical formats through Amazon. We recommend reading The Hobbit, a fun adventure novel for fantasy fans of any age.


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