Twin Peaks: From Z to A collects the franchise in one extremely limited set

Through the darkness of future’s past, the magician longs to see. One calls out between two worlds, “Free delivery.”

With its story at an end, every second of Twin Peaks put to film has been pressed to 21 Blu-ray discs—along with a bevy of special features—for a comprehensive box set coming Dec. 10.

Twin Peaks: From Z to A is available through Amazon for $139.99, with only 25,000 copies produced. Each comes with all three seasons of the show, the 1992 feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and a collection of deleted scenes from that film called Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, originally released in 2014.

The collection’s packaging is wrapped in the show’s ominous Douglas fir trees and opens to reveal discs housed in The Red Room’s familiar chevron pattern. The set also includes 5-inch prints of scenes from The Red Room, and an acrylic statuette of Laura Palmer kissing Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Included special features bring viewers unedited performances from The Roadhouse Bar, interviews with cast members and mini-doc pieces chronicling the making of season three.

Twin Peaks originally premiered in 1990 on ABC and ran for two seasons. In 2017, a third season came to Showtime and picked the story up after a 25-year time jump. The show’s plot revolves around FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and his interactions with a supernatural plane where the aforementioned Red Room sits. Viewers also peer into the lives of other denizens of the titular town, a practice often offering different angles on small town America’s seedy underbelly.

on Oct. 15, CBS also plans to release DVD and Blu-ray copies of seasons one through three titled Twin Peaks: The Television Collection. Pricing will be lower for this set, but it will omit special edition packaging and two Twin Peaks feature length experiences. This collection’s special features have yet to be detailed, so it may also omit quite a bit of fan service.


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