Speed Racer, Tombstone are newest Funko Pop! pre-orders

Yesterday, Funko announced new Pop! Vinyl figures based on the ’90s western Tombstone and the ’60s anime Speed Racer.

Tombstone characters (from left) getting the Pop! Vinyl treatment include Morgan Earp, Virgil Earp and Wyatt Earp, as well as three different versions of Doc Holliday.

The dual-wielding Doc is a Walmart exclusive, while casual Doc is exclusive to Target. Normal Doc is clad in hat and jacket with rifle in hand.

The non-exclusive Tombstone Pop! Vinyl figures can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth now for $10.99 each. They’re set for shipment in early 2020.

Released in 1993, Tombstone stars an ensemble cast that includes Kurt Russell (Wyatt Earp), Sam Elliott (Virgil Earp), Bill Paxton (Morgan Earp) and Val Kilmer (Doc Holliday). The film had a successful theatrical run and has become a cult classic. Tombstone is available on Blu-ray through Amazon for $9.11.

Pop! Vinyl figures for Speed Racer include (from left) the elusive Racer X and the titular Speed Racer with a chase inspired by Speed’s monstrous appearance in another character’s dream. The set is rounded out by a Pop! Ride of Speed in his iconic Mach 5 race car.

Entertainment Earth is accepting pre-orders for Speed Racer Pop! Vinyl with a prospective release date of January 2020. The standalone figures are $10.99, while the Mach 5 Pop! Ride is $29.99. Purchases of Speed Racer have a one-in-six chance to receive the chase variant.

Speed Racer debuted on American television in the late ’60s. Since then, the character has gone on to stand as one of the earliest examples of Japanese media catching fire in the United States. The complete original Speed Racer series can be purchased from Amazon for $19.99, while the 2010 Hollywood adaptation of Speed Racer is $8.09.


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