Kingdom Hearts III Funko Pop! Vinyl bring keyblade wielders to life

Funko’s Kingdom Hearts collection already includes pieces that leverage the Disney license to great effect. For example, this box from GameStop includes plushies inspired by Kingdom Hearts III’s Monsters, Inc. level (along with a statuesque Sora Funko Pop! Vinyl). An older, now unavailable box included Pop! Vinyl figures of Sora, Donald and Goofy decked out in light suits from Tron. However, this time around, Funko is focusing on the original characters for the series created by KH developer Square Enix.

Figures available to every retailer are pictured at left and include keyblade wielders Lea and Aqua (top left and top right), along with series protagonist Sora holding Ultima Weapon and his best friend, Kairi, holding a star-shaped paopu fruit. The fruit is native to Sora and Kairi’s home island.

Each of these Kingdom Hearts Pop! Vinyl figures can be pre-ordered now through Entertainment Earth for $10.99. They’re slated to ship in November.

Retailer exclusives include Lea and Dark Aqua with their keyblades (middle photo), while Kairi with her keyblade (right photo) is a specialty series piece, exclusive to smaller retailers that buy from Funko.

Kingdom Hearts is a long-running franchise that combines Square Enix’s penchant for developing strong role-playing games with Disney’s stable of iconic characters. The latest entry, Kingdom Hearts III, is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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