Physical copies of Donut County, Gorogoa hit Nintendo Switch via iam8bit

At 1 p.m. ET Aug. 15, iam8bit will launch pre-orders for physical copies of two Annapurna Interactive puzzlers, both on Nintendo Switch.

Donut County is $34.99 and comes with scratch-and-sniff stickers featuring characters from the game. First released in 2018, Donut County is a physical puzzler that tasks players with swallowing every aspect of each landscape using an ever-expanding hole. Story-centric cinematics frame levels, and the stylish graphics join an energetic soundtrack to create an engaging experience. It creates an impression that lasts beyond its short length.

The main mechanic of Gorogoa is image manipulation. Players are presented with four tiles and are asked to zoom in or out, adjust the image in frame or move the image to a different spot on the grid. This is done in the interest of lining up each image to create a cohesive, larger whole. The game’s story is told through short animations presented when an image is completed.

Originally released digitally in late 2017, Gorogoa’s first physical appearance includes a booklet with new artwork by game creator Jason Roberts.

Both Donut County and Gorogoa are limited to 5,000 region free copies.


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