Mattel and Star Wars join forces for new Barbie series

This November, Mattel will release a trio of high-end Barbies based on Star Wars characters Darth Vader, Princess Leia Organa and RD-D2. Each Star Wars x Barbie piece is $99.99 and can be pre-ordered now through Entertainment Earth.

Darth Vader Barbie features removable sunglasses and a flowing cloak that accents the doll’s glossy black ensemble. This Barbie’s makeup also features dark, angular accents, ensuring a striking appearance without its sunglasses accessories.

Princess Leia Organa Barbie is decked out in the character’s iconic white formal wear and clad with futuristic silver accessories reminiscent of artist Bob McQuarrie’s original Star Wars concept pieces. The references to Carrie Fisher’s character are completed by Barbie’s bun hair style.

R2-D2 Barbie pulls influence from future fashion and brings a cyberpunk aesthetic to the trio. Blue hair and bold makeup accentuate an outfit inspired by the comedic droid, while this doll’s accessories reference R2’s partner in crime, C-3PO.

Our Take

Anyone who cosplays this R2-D2 Barbie is a hero.


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