Crash Bandicoot Pop! Vinyl, Crash Team Racing figures coming soon

Former console mascot Crash Bandicoot has had a resurgence on the back of N. Sane Trilogy and CTR: Nitro-Fueled, two recent remasters of retro Crash titles that reflect the care its developers put into resurrecting the marsupial’s adventures.

Funko has released Pop! Vinyl figures for each game’s launch, and the collectibles company is following up its Crash Bandicoot Pop! Ride with a new trio of Pop! Vinyl and a series of cart racer vinyl figures.

Spin Attack Crash captures our hero in the midst of his most effective offensive maneuver, Tiny Tiger stands tall as one of Crash’s oldest foes and Nitros Oxide menaces as the big bad of racing spinoff Crash Team Racing. The three figures are scheduled for a September release.

A series of vinyl figures based on Crash Team Racing is also planned, with pieces depicting Coco, N. Cortex, Nitros, Crash, Ripper Roo and Polar.

Entertainment Earth is currently accepting pre-orders for all newly announced Crash Bandicoot and Crash Team Racing items.


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