The Office finally gets Pop! Pez and Pop! Vinyl figures

Have you always wanted to fill a PEZ dispenser with chili? Now’s your chance, because Funko is bringing four of The Office’s most popular characters to its Pop! Pez lineup.

Daryl and Dwight stylize the faces of each character, while Prison Mike and Facebook Jim recreate memorable moments from the series for fans to enjoy while also enjoying their candy.

Each The Office Pop! Pez is available to pre-order now through Entertainment Earth. They’re $4.99 and are slated for a December release.

The Office is a comedic mockumentary that chronicles the lives of office workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It originally aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013.

Funko also created a number of The Office Pop! Vinyl figures based on the series. Entertainment Earth has Jim, Michael, Pam, Darryl and Dwight for $10.99, while the Toby vs. Michael two pack is $19.99. Facebook Jim is a chase variant of regular-faced Jim Halpert, meaning it appears in every one-of-six Jim figures.


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