Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl figures celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary, Spider-Man Day

Today is Spider-Man Day, a celebration of Peter Parker’s comic debut in August 1962. To commemorate the day, Funko has added three more Spidey-centric Pop! Vinyl figures to its Marvel 80 Years collection, all exclusive to pharmacy chain Walgreens.

Octo-Spidey (left) is an alternate universe Peter Parker who claims the mechanical arm technology of Doctor Octopus as his own after defeating the villain in battle.

Bombastic Bag-Man (middle) is a costume hastily thrown together for Spider-Man by The Human Torch after Peter visits Fantastic Four’s home base, the Baxter Building. Peter was there so Mr. Fantastic could separate the alien symbiote known as Venom from Peter and study it. This process left Spider-Man without his suit when danger arose, prompting the birth of Bombastic Bag-Man.

Future Foundation Spider-Man (right) is a member of an organization created by Mr. Fantastic. It’s meant as a charitable entity that uses science to push humanity forward, and Spider-Man joins to honor one of Human Torch’s final requests before passing at the hands of warriors from the Negative Zone.


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