Cowboy Bebop’s Swordfish II available as high-end scale model

Spike Spiegel’s trusty ship, Swordfish II, is getting the scale model treatment, and this pieces comes with bells and whistles that’d make the slot machines at Spiders From Mars jealous.

Entertainment Earth has the 1:48 scale model priced at $399.99, which includes folding wings, retractable landing wing, movable plasma cannon and removable cockpit featuring a tiny Spike in the driver’s seat. The model is also equipped with LED lights and sounds.

The Swordfish II is set to ship in February 2020.

Cowboy Bebop debuted in 1998 to strong critical reception and has become an anime mainstay frequently noted as one of the medium’s strongest examples of storytelling. Its 26 episodes are available in standard and special edition Blu-ray box sets from Amazon, and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie plays like an extended episode of the show.

A live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop is currently in production at Netflix.


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