Batman Beyond releasing on Blu-ray, includes chrome Funko Pop! Vinyl

Forget Mighty Morphin Power Rangers—Terry McGinnis had more attitude than any other ’90s teen superhero, and his exploits as Batman of the future are being remastered for Blu-ray release this fall.

Batman Beyond The Complete Series on deluxe limited edition Blu-ray with chrome Batman Beyond Funko Pop! Vinyl is $99.99 through Amazon and is scheduled to release Oct. 29. The collection includes all 52 episodes of the show along with the animated film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and an exclusive chrome Funko Pop! Vinyl of the near-future hero.

After debuting in 1999, Batman Beyond’s direct-to-television characters made their mark on the DC Universe and crossed over into comics, video games and action figures. Batman Beyond acts as a sequel to the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series and featured the Bruce Wayne viewers watched throughout that show’s tenure as an older mentor. His student? Sixteen-year-old high school student Terry McGinnis.

Bruce outfits Terry with a futuristic Batman suit and takes him on as a personal assistant to keep him close. The resulting 52 episodes are full of storylines that explore new characters, familiar faces, technological ethics and the most relatable theme of them all—work-life balance.


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