Soundtrack to Bloodborne pressed on double LP vinyl

Bloodborne is a game with no qualms about killing its main character—over, and over and over again. An experience that repeatedly forces the player into tense situations has to hit all the right notes to keep people engaged, and Bloodborne’s atmospheric soundtrack goes miles towards making its harsh world feel inviting.

Today, pre-orders went live for a vinyl pressing of that soundtrack through UK-based label Laced Records. Bloodborne Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl is $35 and contains 21 tracks across two 180-gram vinyl LPs housed in gatefold packaging. The set, scheduled to ship in late September or early October, includes a double-sided poster.

Bloodborne was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015 and was developed by FromSoftware. It’s a Lovecraftian action roleplaying game that borrows heavily from its developer’s Dark/Demon’s Souls series. The video game has a cult following (pun only partially intended) and inspired other related media, including a tabletop card game and a series of novels.


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