Funko’s new Hello Kitty Pop! Vinyl series includes a chase variant

Hello Kitty, the flagship mascot of Japanese company Sanrio, will receive a new series of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures this October. Entertainment Earth has each available for pre-order at $10.99 a figure.

The series includes Classic Hello Kitty, Burger Shop Hello Kitty, Sweet Treat Hello Kitty and an Anniversary Hello Kitty with a pixelated bow and mini milk buddy. Anniversary Hello Kitty has a chase variant that’s decorated with a pink bow instead of the usual red and comes with a different, heart-shaped buddy.

In other Hello Kitty news, Funko’s sister company, Loungefly, is launching this Hello Kitty bag later in July. The bag is currently on sale for $39.99 at Entertainment Earth, down from its original $48 price point.

Our Take

We’re not sure why milk buddy was chosen for the common Anniversary Hello Kitty figure while heart buddy was reserved for the chase variant. We’re wondering why milk buddy is considered less desirable, so we’re about to dive into a Google rabbit hole we never thought existed.


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