Ghostbusters, Invader Zim, Lost in Space, more in Diamond Select Toys’ SDCC lineup

Diamond Select Toys is bringing a treasure trove of pop culture inspired collectibles to San Diego Comic Con, with pieces inspired by everything from Ghostbusters and Lost in Space to Invader Zim and John Wick.

The Ghostbusters franchise is represented with two figure sets—one based on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series that aired in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and one inspired by the film. The former is $120 and will be shared with GameStop, while the slimed Ghostbusters retail for $80 and is a Previews exclusive outside the convention.

The ViniMates line is well represented at SDCC, with entries from Invader Zim (left) and Lost in Space (middle) available for $20 and $10 respectively, while John Wick is also available at the event. Diamond Select is also bringing a piece that highlights everyone’s favorite European-stereotype-turned-beloved-Muppet, Swedish Chef. The figure is $30, limited to 500 pieces and features packaging inspired by Disney’s most recent incarnation of The Muppets.

Visit Diamond Select’s website for a look at its full line of SDCC exclusives. Other franchises represented include Marvel, Forbidden Planet and Iron Giant.


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