New Funko pop! Vinyl for Cast Away, Mad Men, Big coming soon

Funko will Cast Away no license, no matter how Big or small—they’re Mad Men (and women)!

Yep, we’re talking about Cast Away, Big and Mad Men Pop! Vinyl figures.

The first series of Pop! Vinyl figures based on the critically acclaimed television series Mad Men includes Peggy, Don, Betty, Roger and Joan, all of which are available for pre-order through Entertainment Earth at $10.99 a figure. They’re expected to ship in October.

Mad Men is a 1960s period drama that aired from 2007 to 2015 and told the story of a New York City ad agency and the personalities employed within.

Two figures from Cast Away were announced—main character Chuck is captured holding his best friend, Wilson, along with an uncooked fish dinner in the first piece, priced at $10.99 at Entertainment Earth and scheduled for a September release. The second Chuck figure seen above is a Target exclusive.

Released in 2000, Cast Away stars Tom Hanks as the shipwrecked Chuck Noland, who has to learn to survive on a desert island, then learn to cope with the different world waiting for him when he’s rescued.

Pop! Vinyl based on characters from 1988 film Big include three of main character Josh Baskin—one of him in a suit that’s too big, one of him playing a big piano and one of him in a tuxedo that’s exclusive to Target. A six-inch Pop! Vinyl of Zoltar, the fortune telling machine that grants teenage Josh’s wish to become big by turning him into a middle-aged man, will also be available.

Entertainment Earth is accepting pre-orders for each Big figure, minus the Target exclusive, now. The Pop! Vinyl figures of Josh are $10.99 and ship in September. Zoltar is $19.99 and will ship in October.


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